Conor Maguire, BSc (Hons)

Head Coach - Director

Emil Ottersen, MSc

Hello everyone! I am coach Emil or EMAIL for the kids, I come from Norway. Ever since I started playing football at the age of five I have enjoyed both watching and taking part in the sport. I am very passionate about coaching football and this is due to all the positive energy working with kids gives me. I enjoy helping them improve their skills and watching them grow. I believe that taking part in a sport is not only essential to improving fitness, or technical skills, but also life skills like respect, teamwork, confidence, and social skills. My favorite football team is Real Madrid as they were the first team I ever learned about.

Jonas Bethke

I have been playing soccer since I was around 6 years old. I Played for my school team, and I am currently playing in a small field league team. My favorite team is and will always be Hertha BSC, as it is where I am from. Why I love soccer? Because everybody can play it and because it’s a team sport as long you give everything it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, you can make an impact for your team. Favorite Food: Currywurst (Berlin specialty). Favorite Movie: Into the Wild. Other Hobbies beside Soccer: Scouts, Sports in General (Running, Frisbee,...)


  • Favorite Team: Barcelona and Liverpool

  • Least Favorite Team: Arsenal

  • Favorite Player: Mo Salah

  • Best player in the world: Messi

  • Favorite food: I Love all types of food

  • Why I Love football: When I step on the Pitch all my troubles go away and the only thing that matters on the field is the beautiful game.


  • My love for football came at a very young age, and it doesn't only come from playing. I love watching football and analyzing tactics used in the matches, but I love football because it's simply what makes me happy.

  • My favorite food is an Asado, which is a South American style barbeque with meat and different types of sausages.

  • My favorite movie is The Godfather and Good Will Hunting

  • My favorite football team is Cerro Porteño and Manchester United

  • I'm from Paraguay, and I speak Spanish

  • My favorite football player is Messi

  • My favorite coach is Sir Alex Ferguson